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Friday, December 4, 2015

Joel's thoughts on Nathan Verlhelst might not want to read this … it is pretty upsetting (especially the transcript of a video of Nathan that is no longer online that this piece originally alluded to.) If you are not in a “good place” this is probably not the best thing to read.  And remember if you are EVER feeling unsafe please talk to someone … a friend is always great but there’s always the resources in the sidebar which can be equally helpful!

My thoughts on Nathan Verlhels is an absolutely chilling re-post, by Joel.  The key words are suicide and euthanasia and the post involves the decision of Nathan, a female to male transsexual, to end his life due to a botched gender reassignment surgery.

I want to note that Joel has concerns that reading this may be a "trigger" for some.  He wants you to know that he has now has the proper suicide prevention/help links on his site.

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