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Thursday, December 3, 2015

Swimming For My Life

This is not fun.  This is not dress up time.  This is not about looking beautiful.  Yes, a woman perhaps enjoys fun and dressing up and looking as attractive as she can but life is so much more.  This is about identity, about being able to interact with a world in a way that is harmonious to me, as myself, as a woman.  this is about the feeling of knowing the world feels comfortable with me as that person, as a woman.  This is about the struggle of loss of a spouse who is now your best friend and sister.  This is about not having a "center" to my life as I once did. 

Swimming For My Life is just a beautifully written post, from Christen.  Do yourself a favor and read this one which is about life, post transition.  I don't see any comments yet and this is another post that deserves a few comments from those who love well written blog posts.

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