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Monday, December 7, 2015

One Of Us

........I pointed out to daughter no 2 (age 13) that her little sister’s girly trainers were labelled as unisex.  She replied that yes, that seems right.  I questioned this and pointed out that they were in fact both pink and glittery, and her reply warmed my heart.

“So what?  Doesn’t mean a boy can’t wear them if he wants.  All clothes are unisex.”

“OK then” I replied, “so you could have a unisex dress?”

“Yes.  A boy can wear a dress if he wants to and there’s really nothing wrong with that.”

This is a really cute and heart-warming post from Kirsty.  Actually, it's a two-part post dealing with two totally different subjects.  Both are really feel-good subjects.

The second part of this post involves Kirsty and Michelle (another one of our bloggers) sitting in a cafe when someone approaches them:

“Is it ok if I sit here…”

 “… and speak to you for a minute?”

“It’s ok, don’t worry.  I’m like you.”

What happened next?  You'll have to read the post to fine out!

I guarantee you'll enjoy this One Of Us from Kirsty.

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