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Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Jumping Ship (or Walking The Plank)

Is it fair to apply for a job in a new company without mentioning that I am transgender and intending to transition? I’m not sure. And if I do mention that I am trans then am I scuppering my chances of getting the job? If so, why would it ruin my chances? Am I in fact just projecting assumed transphobia on to persons or organisations unnamed?

Kirsty, in a post from a few days ago, ponders the same question that many of us ask ourselves.  Although she lives in Northern Ireland, the non-discrimination laws there are similar to many states in the US.  Will they help if she decides to jump ship?  She asks herself a lot of questions but does she have the answers? 

Jumping Ship (or Walking The Plank), is from Kirsty's World.

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