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Saturday, February 20, 2016

Yes, You’re “Trans Enough” to be Transgender

When a person accuses someone of not being transgender, it is elitist, self-entitled, cruel-minded horse shit.

Strong words and sound advice, from Mia.   Yes, You’re “Trans Enough” to be Transgender, is a must-read.

1 comment:

  1. Yes!That IS quite the post. Well written and thought out and unfortunately soooooo true.
    Seemingly, we as a trans tribe are the first to turn on and try to eat each other, and I certainly don't put myself above the fray on occasion (Jenner).
    On my own end though, I was heavily criticized "back in the day" for wearing jeans for Goddess sakes (real women don't), have been called "another old guy on hormones" and I couldn't possibly be a "true" transgender woman because I didn't transition early in life.
    The person who told me that said her Mom told her she was a woman when she changed diapers for the first time, I told her mine said she would pay for electrode shock therapy.
    How times change, or do they????


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