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Friday, July 15, 2016

18 months post-op

It is unbelievable that time can go so quickly, but two days ago I found myself realising that I had had my surgery eighteen months ago. It seemed an insignificant milestone at the time, I nearly didn't realize it occurred, but on reflection it was more important than I realized.

An excellent post from Lucy....her reflections of being 18 months post-op.  Note that Lucy does have a content warning on this post.  

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  1. Oh my (to quote George Takei)!

    I am warmed and humbled to find that my blog post has been shared in such a way.

    My writing has been something that has helped me over the years and I have met one or two others that have said it has helped them too. I have even had one person applying for a job at our gender clinic saying they used it to research prior to their interview!

    Many people find Transitioning so difficult and I hope by continuing to share what is now a very positive time in my life, perhaps that might give hope to some that being happy in your own skin is possible.

    Thank you for sharing,

    Lucy x


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