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Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Facebook partner support group and partner issues

In general it is a really supportive and informative group with some very interesting topics of conversation and many very relevant to me. All posts get quite a few responses even if it is just people giving moral support as well as first hand experiences. Actually one person made a comment the other day which really struck a chord with me; "I mean, I'm OK with it but I miss that bloke like crazy". Ha, yes I really get that but I'm not sure that I ever really knew 'that bloke'! 

Just as I try to read the blogs from transmen, as a way to feel their pain and their joy, I also like to read the posts from the partners and spouses of those who are trans.  In this case, one of our regular bloggers, A Morgan, has written a blog post about a Facebook support group she participates in, as the partner of someone who is transitioning.

There's a lot in this post.  The comment, below, certainly caught my attention:
This week alone two partners of different transgendered people (one MTF and the other FTM) have posted within days of each other on the same group about their partners pushing them away, their partners being told by other people in the trans community to ditch their spouses, being told that they are hindering the transition and accused of not being as readily accepting as their trans partners expect them to be.

That comment so surprised me.  As someone who is trans and believes so strongly in not only love, marriage, and family, but also the extreme need of a supporting spouse, I just found it hard to believe.  

If all of this has your attention, there's more at Facebook partner support group and partner issues.

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  1. Thanks Calie. I found this particular post quite emotional when writing it and the past week has been quite an emotional time for most members on this particular support group. As much as support is lacking for the trans people themselves there is even less support for partners so this Facebook group has been a bit of a find xx


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