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Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Sparkle Weekend 2016

Sparkle may not be for everyone but it certainly has its place in our community and you can not deny the fun involved. It is great for first timers and veterans alike and the array of different people is spellbinding.

Are there any trans folks in the UK who haven't attended a Sparkle event?

WP_20150929_17_40_44_ProI remember a blog authored by a good friend in Scotland.  It was a well known blog which peaked around 2007-2008.  I had followed her for some time.  In the beginning, she would write about living at home with her stash hidden in the attic.  I distinctly remember a post she wrote, complete with lots of pictures, of her first time out which was at the Sparkle event.  It was at this event that she realized who and what she really was.....not a crossdresser but a transsexual.  A few years later, she transitioned and is now living a happy and completely new life.

The point here is that there are many stories like this from those, whether crossdressers or emerging transsexuals, who had their first experience meeting others who are like minded at Sparkle.
Those in the UK are so lucky to have such an event.  Here, in Northern California, the River City Gems also hold a Sparkle event.  It's a formal dinner party, largely attended by trans folks from all over California.  It's interesting to note that the Northern California Sparkle has its roots in the UK Sparkle.  The original idea came from one of the founding Gems' members who used to live in the UK and was a member of the Angels, which I believe sponsor the UK Sparkle.

With all of that said, Faith has a really nice write up, complete with lots of pictures, about her experience at Sparkle Weekend 2016.

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