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Monday, July 18, 2016

On coming out and Choices

Coming out to those close to me is where the story becomes more dramatic.  I came out to my wife two weeks later.  We actually had the discussion in the therapist's office, and the therapist proved to be a big help. 

Both Rebecca and Aleana wrote posts about coming out.  The comments, above, are from Rebecca's post.  The comments, below, are from Aleana's post.

I have been trans all my life, I told my ex-to-be wife in 2006. That was one hell of a bomb dropped in her lap and caused a few issues. She over the years did not handle it well. When i told my sisters, they turned out to be Transphobic. They made a few bad choices as in outing me to others without my permission. They told my Oldest Daughter in the US. BY doing this they destroyed my chance of telling her in a kind gentle way that could have eased the impact. 

Two different coming out comments.  Two different results.  Both stories however, ends up on the positive side.  If you're considering outing yourself to friends and family, read On coming out..It does get better, from Rebecca, and Choices, from Aleana.

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