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Thursday, December 29, 2016

The Shadow of Ally

Some lives are filled with pain, doubt and confusion from the very beginning. Such is the story of The Shadow of Ally which could be called "the liberation of Ally". Walk side by side with this wonder filled account of a life of destruction. That started in the 70's and shows the amazing strength of the human spirit to overcome and thrive. Take a walk with Allen and Ally as they lead you through their many years.

Walk with them on the historical dream of an American Family as it spirals into self destruction where they had to survive disconnected parents. Feel the pain of a child who suffers at the hands of ferocious bullying. Be with them as they try to succeed in the American school systems as it also failed to support them in their educational needs. Try to grasp the understanding of poor choices and how they lead to self destructive behaviors.

All at the same time longing for love and understanding from an unsympathetic mother. Be with them as they learn that faith, family and friends don't always work together. Stand with Allen and Ally as they learn all of these paths have lead them to a deeper understanding of true self discovery.


December 22nd was a big day for Aleana.  It was the day she published The Shadow of Ally and she is so excited to have actually done it!  The excitement is contagious, so I thought that her efforts deserve to be featured on T-Central.

The Shadow of Ally is the book.

In addition, she has done three Q/A posts about her life and what she has written in the book.  Her answers are honest, and she has addressed questions that many wouldn't discuss openly.

Below are links to her question and answer posts.

Question Time

Question Time #2

Question Time #3




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