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Thursday, December 15, 2016

Hello Suicide, My Old Friend, I've Come to Talk with You Again

I knew that when I decided to transition I was going to have to destroy my old life, but I had hoped to do that by replacing piece after piece gently with something better. Instead, I had the foundation ripped out from under me and I’ve been forced to watch everything that I once was collapse around me into a giant heap of rubble.


I thought long and hard about featuring this post, from Emma.  I try to be diverse in the kinds of posts I feature, and I think Halle and Jenny will agree with the posts they've featured in the past.  I try to stay away from the "down" posts, but his one needs to be read.

I have known several who have the dark thoughts Emma outlines in her post.  Most have survived and are now leading happy and productive lives.  In my heart I hope, and indeed know, this will also be the case for Emma.


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