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Friday, December 2, 2016

Wait, I was transitioning? (15+ months HRT)

The medical stuff is hard.  It’s important to put the fears of ‘transition takes years’ into perspective.  Yes, this all takes a long time, slowly chipping away at the physical characteristics and growing into a new way of being.  Throughout all that is a comfortable window in which to come to terms with your situation and take care of whatever legal issues you have as well as figuring out how you feel you want to socially transition and then doing it, in earnest.

Amy has put together one of the finest transition update blog posts I've seen in a long time.  The information in her post is just so valuable for others to read and I'm so glad she has taken the time to update all of us on her transition.  

img_8433This is a long post, but is worth the time to read every word, especially if you're thinking about transitioning, or in a male-to-female transition.  In this post, you'll read about Amy's serious issues involving the first T-Blocker she was on.  You'll find out just what is involved in a pre-surgery consultation.  She comments on the effects of HRT overall, the social transition and passing.

This one is just excellent, excellent, excellent!  Even if you have transitioned, I think you will enjoy, Wait, I was transitioning? (15+ months HRT)

Oh, and isn't she just lovely?

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