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Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Don’t have GRS

At the time I changed my name and went full time, I was ambivalent about surgery, but a year later I passionately wanted it. Why would you want surgery? I believe I wanted it at the time because I wanted social acceptance, or possibly to accept myself. Where a person male by genes gonads and genitals wants to dress as a woman, there were two categories they could fit- transvestite and transsexual. The transvestite is considered to be a sexual fetishist, which I found unattractive, but the transsexual had a medical condition, which I found more congenial.

The last two T-Central featured posts were based on very successful transitions.  One from Halle, who has transitioned, and the other from The Transgentle Wife, the spouse of one who has transitioned.

This post is from Clare Flourish who has regrets.  It is important to read both sides.  

I will add that I know many who have transitioned and are happy and I know some who are not.  In all cases, it seems that the lack of love in the life of those with regrets, or the lack of a job, is often the case.  

Clare mentioned in a comment to her post that there is pressure to physically transition.  I have seen this and know several who gave in to that pressure.  Some are happy.  Some are not.  Clare is one of my favorite bloggers.  She is just lovely in her pictures and I do hope things will turn around for her.  

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