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Monday, August 20, 2018

Treatment Journal Entry #2

If you have an untreated eating disorder or a close friend/family member of yours has one, please know that there is hope and things can get better. Unfortunately so many of us need to seek out therapy and treatment before that can happen but it does happen. If you or they live in MN, PA, OH, or WA I definitely recommend the Emily Program their website is and they have some really great resources for everyone at

Despite the fact that Emmz gave T-Central one of the nicest shout-outs I've seen (😊), I did want to feature this post which is a followup to a post featured a few days ago.  It's about eating disorders and, yes, transwoman can have eating disorders.  This one is 3,000 words, by Emmz' count, so grab a cup of whatever to sip on while you read.

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