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Tuesday, January 15, 2019

GRS – 3 Surgeries and One Beautiful Nightmare

I woke up groggy as all heck, keeping my eyes closed for a moment until I felt an intense pain and an awareness of beeping.  As soon as I opened my eyes, a kind consult came to me, explaining softly where I was, that everything had gone ok, and asked what my pain levels were.  I imagine I was slipping in and out of consciousness, perturbed only by the pain, moaning about how much it hurt and that the painkillers hadn’t taken effect yet

I love Amy's writing style.  While this post may not be all sugar and spice, it is a very good review of just what Amy has had to endure to become whole.  This is the second of a three part post.  If you missed her first post, she links to it in this one.

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