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Thursday, January 17, 2019

Forwards... and backwards

The question then arising is this: why, in my twenties, when I’d lost some of my shyness and did have opportunities for intercourse, I didn’t take them. Something was ‘getting in the way’. Was it a trans persona breaking through to the surface, or was it that the habits of self-sufficiency developed early on had become second nature, leaving me permanently closed? The ‘otherness’ of other people – which I suspect for most folk lies at the heart of sexual attraction, even in same-sex relationships – for me was alienating.

We haven't heard from Dabrela in some time, but she makes up for it in this post.   Forwards... and backwards, the title of this post, nicely describes the thoughts that she is sharing with us.  It's an honest self assessment that many should relate to.  I'm sure she'd like to hear from readers, so feel free to say hi to Dabrela when you visit her blog by leaving a comment.

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