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Wednesday, January 30, 2019

How to be an introvert pretending to be extrovert

I agree with the sentiment and would echo it to anyone, and yet tonight I sit pondering once again who I am, am I supposed to be that nice quiet guy sitting in the corner,  if I could be in this room with these people presenting female, would I? Could I still be me?

Here's a nice one, from Dee.  She's telling us about herself and her feelings, but I'm betting that many reading this will be nodding their heads saying to themselves....."that's me".

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  1. I am happy that Rhonda feels so good about herself and her body. I am also impressed how so many feel the same way.
    At the same time l think what many forget is that for a very tiny minority, being "trapped in the wrong body" is exactly how we felt.
    We do not expect you to understand how we once felt before we were able to bring our body into congruence with our mind. All we ask is to be left alone to live our lives as thr women, (or men) that we actually are, without being dragged against our will, into the politically incompatible transgender agenda.


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