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Wednesday, January 9, 2019

I Am Too Old to Change!

Unless you have been there, it is hard to explain the imperative that drives those who transition. I had people tell me, when I tried to explain it to them, "You have lived this way all your life, so why can't you just do it a while longer? You don't have that much longer to live." That sort of response made it clear how impossible it was for them to grasp my situation. The fact is, the older I got the harder it became to suppress that drive. I cannot imagine what it would have been like to keep my life on hold for another year, never mind the rest of my life. 

What a fine blog post, from Halle.  She's telling us what we already know, but it doesn't hurt to hear it again from someone who's been there.

Another reason for reading this post, is Halle's comment, and link to, an article on living in fear of Dementia as a trans-person.  This is a topic I've never seen addressed.  Think about it.  Personally, having had a relative exit her life after a few years of this dreadful disease, I know that memories, especially the most recent, die long before the early memories of childhood.  The result could be that a transwoman, with Dementia, may at some point "forget" that she transitioned and what remains of her memories is her original life as a child or young adult growing up male.  Change the genders and the story could be the same for a transman.

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