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Friday, May 31, 2019

A Smile That Could Light up a Room

"What really impressed me about my friend was just how happy she is."

Our blog-mistress Calie has posted for the second time in the same number of months. 

This post is a gem; about one's struggle for life and the importance of friends when you are transsexual. 

Calie and I had much more in common only a few years ago, but she is doing what most of us cannot; staying the course and maintaining her façade. If you are in a similar place, you know how hard that is. She is an amazing person who opens up in this post about spending an hour or so, over a couple of beers, with a friend from work who has transitioned recently. 

"While sipping on our brews, we discussed topics that only those who understand the agony of living life in the body of a male, when we both should have been born female, can relate to.  Our conversation went in and out of those dark places that both of us and, indeed, any transsexual has fallen into during their pre-transition life."

Head on over to read more of Calie's  A Smile That Could Light up a Room.

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