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Sunday, February 21, 2021

A look back – February

In 20 and 14 that’s what I call my Compliment Dress. I’ve had it for a fair few years and whatever I wear it, someone usually says something nice about it. It’s length is such that I keep it for when opaques are called for.


To use the title of a song, by Roxette, She's Got the Look!  So, why not show it off?  Lynn shows us some of her February outfits over the years.  Which one is your fav?  I love that dress, from 2019, and it does show off "the look", along with some attitude! 


  1. Is it a look that could sour milk at twelve paces? You could be sorted for a job in a cheese factory 😁

  2. Just love the dress, girlfriend!


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