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Saturday, February 6, 2021


As I nodded off, I found myself thinking on what might it be like to have had my nails done.



So, I'm sure you're all wondering: Does Lynn want her talons or toes done?  If the suspense is killing you, you're just going to have to go here for the answer.


  1. While it was many years ago, I did have a manicure. This was a male one, so no polish et al, and it felt like quite a luxury.

  2. I am hetero but I have had this recurring fantasy that I can't get out of my head involving the only man I have ever been attracted to and it includes me getting a mani and pedi, hot pink nail polish. It's completely contrary to most of my thoughts and it's the only time it's really been a thought. But I have painted my toes and finger nails and I have wondered what it would be like to boldly go get it done professionally.


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