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Tuesday, February 23, 2021

A Daughter and Her Father (and her mother too)

So, here I am. Torn between a supportive father by his actions, and a non-supportive father by his emotional responses. Will this situation ever be resolved? I think about asking him point blank about what his feelings towards me are as his daughter. Stay tune, if I ever do broach the topic with him. For now I will know in my heart that he loves me as he always has, no matter what my successes or failures. 

This really well thought out post, from Stephie, will take a few minutes to read, so grab a cup and enjoy.  It's primarily about her relationship with her father who would appear to be a typical guy.  I think she and her Dad are going to be just fine, but read her post and come to your own conclusions. 

Stephie also mentions her Mom and brothers.  I feel for her, regarding her current relationship she has with her Mom, and it has nothing to do with being trans.  Been there, done that Stephie.  I get it.


  1. Thanks once again for the highlight Calie, Fondly, Stephie

  2. Thank you Stephie, and I meant what I said about your mother.

    Calie xx


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