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Thursday, July 14, 2011

One Weekend a Month

Good writing deserves to be featured, even if it comes from a blog not currently listed on T-Central.

Such is the case with Jamie's latest post.  Check out One Weekend a Month, on Play Girl.  I'm sure many of you will relate in some way to this story.

Jamie has the content warning page pop up when you go to Play Girl, and for good reason.  This post, however, with the exception of one "F" word is, in my opinion, is just fine to open up in your browser.


  1. I read Jamie's article One Weekend a Month and felt I was reading a story about my own life. Erie! It is, however, a very good read. I know I've told my share of lies during my live as a tranny but in some ways I guess I was one of the "lucky" ones. The feelings within me never (that's never!) went away and it is these feelings which led me to become a part-time T-girl. Society low-lifes and dregs who get drunk are why I carry a Taser! Nice article, Jamie!

  2. Err. It's a shame, commenting is open on that site.... so I'll post it here...

    I don't think a lie that huge, especially in marriage, especially when it involves children and joint money... should EVER be kept a secret. That piece makes him/her seem like a hero, when I see nothing but a lying coward. I'm sorry. I can accept a lot of things, but lies in marriage, aren't one of them.

  3. 1. "Paula" simply dresses as a female; there is no sex involved with anyone when she does so. How does that make them a lying coward?

    2. One thing I notice with many transgender males, who think they are so much like women, is the incredible void between their level of honesty as males with their wives and girlfriends, and the level of honesty of the average female in a relationship.

    If you are married, and don't think that your wife is keeping a ton of secrets from you, then you are very naive.

    It would be a very unproductive world if everyone told the whole truth, all the time.

    Grow-up, Gwen.


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