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Friday, July 1, 2011

Those who stay with us after moving on

    If you are a seasoned T-Central reader you will probably be familiar with the different flavours of blog that we follow. There are a few that specialise on one subject such as clothing or presentation, others carrying day-to-day musings on gender, quite a few transition blogs and a sprinkling of activist blogs.
    All of the above blogs are very interesting to read, but there is a further category of blog that I would like to draw your attention to.
    It can sometimes be a sad facet of our community, that a lot of us move on. So often when the steady flow of transition-related events to relate dries up or the flame of activism dims, the blogging output dies down and eventually ceases. But what if the writer's motivation in blogging was sustained by the blogging itself and not by that one aspect of their life? At that point they cease to be a trans blogger and become instead a blogger like any other, but who just happens to be trans. Sure you might see the occasional post in this direction but mostly they write about everyday stuff that interests them, just getting on with their lives.
    I hope you have some favourites of your own within this category of blogger, if you do please share them with us in the comments on this piece. I in turn would like to draw your attention to a couple I follow from my part of the world, both Dru and Shirley Anne prove that there is life beyond all of this mess.
    And that, to me at least, is priceless.


  1. It isn't unusual that people will find that being "trans" full time gets tiresome. So we move on. Some will comeback others won't. To each their own. There is LIGHT and LIFE after transition. May we all hope that transition becomes a mundane affair for those that go through it.

  2. I can only speak for myself when I say this. And it may be a bit off point.

    Writing down your thoughts and the pertinent daily activities while transitioning is a form of therapy. It's being able to talk about something for the first time that is held inside for however many years. To finally accept the fact that you are whom you are and there are many others in this world like yourself. From all walks of life, speaking different languages, living in different parts of the world. Some coming from professional back grounds while others struggle for existance.

    We all have one common thread. The need to voice our experiences, our inner most feelings, and some times just to bitch.

    As humans we all seek some form of companionship. We are creatures whom need to be touched, we need to be heard, we need to feel. Writing our thoughts on balloons and casting them out onto the internet for some one to catch it, read it, possibly write something on it. Then sending it back to give advice, a shoulder to cry on, or encouragement.

    We learn from reading about others, we dare ourselves to go out and be whom we are because that blogger is doing so well. We are hesitant and scared at first wishing we had the hair, the voice, the body of that other person only to find out that we don't need it. That's what makes us unique.

    There comes a time when we realize that perhaps what we are writing isn't so important and the need to express our feelings fade away.

    Because we are living, instead of wishing to live.

  3. I'm a transman, but just focus on my every day life, which of course is influenced by the fact I'm transgender, but it's not the focus of my blog at all. Every so often I will remind my readers about what I am, but that's it. I never wanted a blog that would end up putting me in a box.

    I'm lots of things. I'm Adopted, I have adopted kids. I'm Pansexual, I'm a Christian. I'm a dj. I'm Hip Hop.

    ..oh and I was born female.

    My blog is about all those things.

  4. I once wished to live and with the help reading a wide rang of blogs found the strength and confidence to get out and find that new life. I hope that my continuing to blog goes some way to showing others that a new life is possible.

  5. Sometimes you just get fed up with the all the trans BS. The whining, the bitching, the know-it-alls, the politics, the fear, the delusional, and all the negativity that wears at your soul.

    Sometimes you see yourself becoming like them and realize you don't want to turn out that way.

  6. I left quite some time ago and decided to return for specific reasons. But my vision is different and my priorities have changed. I agree with Teri that it's disgusting to see so much negativity, far more than I've ever seen. I think that's indicative on what's to come. Time to build bridges rather than waste it on taking a sledgehammer to walls.


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