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Friday, July 29, 2011

Transition Minus The Angst

If you believe what the media tells us, transsexuals live in a world filled with angst. Their lives have been unbearable, so unbearable that they have to change gender or die trying. Well of course, a simple yet heartbreaking tale is what sells air time isn't it.

While that narrative might hold true for some, it is important to let the world in on an important fact: Transition is not the same for everyone, and definitely not filled with tragedy for all. In particular, not for our friend Vulnavia at Scheherezade's Sister.

If you missed reading it when she posted, head on over to get your reality check:  So Very, Very Tragic.


  1. "I don't see much to discuss here. It's a simple story of success that needs to be out there sans the drama of the usual transition story." ~Lori D.

    Commenting on my "drama free transition"...."not much to discuss..."

    But the "transition" of a "P-Packer"? OMG!!!..."Now THIS is quality content that should be featured on T-Central! :)" ~Lori D

  2. Very well written

  3. My god, trying to make this all about you again, Anne? And since when did you start trolling my comments for your own personal benefit? You want do this, email me, write me, talk to me on the phone, or heck, even meet me over lunch. Not this cheesy hide-behind-the-net garbage. What's next, calling ME a penis-packer too even though you know nothing about my full transition?

    You know, I started enjoying reading your blog again. I thought you really had some valuable things to share. I guess if it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck...

    No more trolling. Deal with me one on one like a logical, reasonable, respectful person. Or keep up this worthless mindgame with others. I'm out.

  4. Futhermore, calling a well-established trans woman whose SRS decisions are her own a "P-Packer" (Penis-packer) should be a violation of the terms of listing on TC.

  5. I get it now. Anne is quoting me out of context here. LOVELY. Let's break it down, shall we?

    Anne's post was featured on T-Central a while back :

    In THAT post I posted a positive comment taken out of context. HERE is what I wrote:

    "I've learned that just because a post doesn't garner comments doesn't mean it wasn't read or not appreciated. I too thoroughly enjoyed this, though I don't see much to discuss here. It's a simple story of success that needs to be out there sans the drama of the usual transition story."

    Nice of you, Anne, to nix the part of my comment "I too thoroughly enjoyed this..."

    When I said "there wasn't much to discuss" I was referring to the lack of need to argue against what was written. It was a relatively drama-free successful transition story that NEEDS to be shared.

    Next time you want to quote me out of context, try not to use a comment where I was being positive towards you. I can't believe I had to defend a positive comment towards you, Anne. Your actions are shameful.

    Classic example of why I have limited time to focus on the negative here. People don't want to hear it. People need hope. People need to know they can overcome this obstacle in their life. And they don't need to be chastized by members of the trans community when there are plenty of real threats and real violence out there. Enough if enough dammit.

  6. Lori. This is NOT about me. This is about a pervasive attitude. One which promotes "TRANSGENDERISM", what ever the heck THAT happens to be today, which is different from yesterday, or tomorrow, as part of a paradym wherein there is no clear definition of ANYTHING...not even what is MAN or WOMAN.

    You can quibble all you want but "trans-women ARE NOT WOMEN.


    I am glad that you enjoy reading my blog and I am even more appreciative of the fact that it gets under your skin and here is WHY.

    The TG paradym to which you and so many of your "trans" gurl friends subscribe is a self serving justification of a behavior which th vast majority of humanity simply prcievs a quite odd but which causes you and your "buds" a great deal of angst and emotional trauma.

    Instead of dealing with THAT, you buy into this false promise that being "trans" is cool or OK and that it s the rest of society, that 99% of humanity that is messed up and that those like myself that have an affinity for the conventional wisdom are separatist, elitist bigots.


  7. Did you happen to notice the link on my last post, WHICH I REMOVED, because *I* found it offensive.

    It led to a TG site. I found it when I "googled" transgender. THAT is what John Q Public peceives as TG. THAT is what transgender represents.

    THIS IS NOT about TS s TG. This is about an entire sub-culture built upon an autogynophilic fetish and YOU are promoting and advocating for and JUSTIFYING.

    Well "sweetie", more power to ya, but do not expect me to remain silent and NOT call a spade a spade.

  8. A question. Does Anne have any "homegirl" friends out there? I'd like to know if she is as opinionated about EVERYONE in the world and not just about who is or who isn't transsexual. Does she critique everyone?


  9. Hi Stephanie. I apologized for not understanding your question, but I will do my best to address it as best I can.

    I will admit to checking out your blog just briefly inmy effort to determine just WHERE your question is coming from, which did help a bit.

    So let me get to your question first....IN PARTS, since it is a multibly compound question.

    Pt. 1)"Does Anne have any "homegirl" friends out there?"

    If this question seeks to inquire as to whether or not I have any REAL friends the answer is YES. I do in fact have some VERY close friends AND acquaintances, both male and female....duhhhh.

    Online "friends"? well yes, I do.

    #2.) Am I "as opinionated about EVERYONE in the world and not just about who is or who isn't transsexual"

    Well yes...I do form opinions about people based on their actions and what I PERCEIVE to be their level of integrity...again, based on their actions.

    3.) Do I "critique everyone?". Well...NO. But I will call them ot to explain their lack of probity. In this case an obvious dublicity or bias based on certain personal POV.

  10. Dearest Anne,

    How come you didn't bother to answer my question as to WHY you failed to explain how you took my comments out of context? Will you answer the question please? Or are you that much of a politician that you "stick and move" for everything that's asked of YOU?

    Dearest Anne,

    You called the writer of "Scheherezade's Sister" a "P-Packer," and I found that patently offensive. Do you happen to know her? I do. She is a personal friend of mine. I've known her for more than three years now. SHE is a real person. She has transitioned and is glad to be where she is in her life. You insult her by labeling her less than a woman and yet... you know NOTHING of her choices about SRS. Has she had SRS? Will she? Does she want to? If you knew people BEFORE calling them names, then just f***g maybe you'd be less inclined to insult them by calling them names.

    Getting back to my original two comments...the one I posted about the featured blog, as well as the one where you were featured on T-Central: BOTH comments were positive and stated in no certain terms these are the kinds of posts that need to be shared with the world. That includes HER story and YOUR story. You use MY comments in an attempt to prove YOUR point that so many of us just want to walk around with penises. It's truly sad that you have this sick obsession with what's between someone else's legs. Frankly, the only genitalia I care about are the one's between my lovers and my own...which is none of your business.

    One last thing. I can't stand Autumn Sandeen or many transgender "activists." I also clearly distinguish myself different from crossdressers. My life is not playtime, my transition very real. I have transitioned and have always considered myself a woman... yet only now achieving the goal of matching that girl I see today in the mirror.

    No one wants to hear you blast them and call them names. Frankly we're sick of your kind - the trollers who seem to offer something valuable, then you rip them to shreds like a pit bull. When is it enough to see that most people on T-Central aren't activists, have NO agenda, but just want true support and friends going through same problems? When is enough I ask you.

  11. Lori.

    I think I have made my position more than clear on more than one occasion.

    I have made it MORE than clear that I have no animosity towards tg's, gays or gender benders. They, YOU, are who you are. No need to apologize for that.

    My objection is simply the conflations of apples and oranges, T-women and women.

    You are who you are....who you claim to be, trans-women. I have no arguement with that. If you are OK packin' whatever extra equipment you want to through your life that, is OK too as long as it "works" for you.

    Simply put, IT DOES NOT WORK FOR ME. Neither you nor your pal have ever been forthcoming as to your operative status, (or state of being)..."pre, post, or NON-operative. Not important you say...none of my business. Perhaps, but that does NOT alter my belief that P-Packers are NOT women.

    You choose to believe differently, I can respect that. Why are you offended that I do NOT believe as you do?

    MY question to YOU is WHY do you find that offensive?

  12. As for "Scheherezade's Sister", this is all that I have to work with from the author's own blog...

    "Monday, December 6, 2010
    365 Days Later

    "And to think, I hesitated."--Hellraiser II.

    I'm done with the Real Life Experience. Basically, it's all over but the crying. And since there's a strong possibility that no sane surgeon in the world would risk putting me on the table even if I show up with a wheelbarrow full of money, that's probably all she wrote. The end. Everything else is in the rearview mirror."

    Sure sounds li a "NO" to me.

  13. Anne, I think of you as "the old biddy down the street" who can't get along with anyone. You may side with someone today, but sooner or later you dis them too. Sad, just sad.


  14. Life is NOT a popularity contest. This "ol' biddy" will continue to "troll" for items of interest, pointing out fools and frauds along the way.

    If you find that offensive, TOO F**KING BAD. The truth is that what you find offensive is that I am FAST and LOOSE with the TRUTH.

    As I stated above in my comment to Lori....If YOU are comfortble "packin" some extra "gear", who am I to complain. TeeGee's are people too. But WOMEN, they are NOT.

    Unless of course you live in some parallel universe like The People's Republic of California, AKA The Land of Fruits and NUTS or USED TO BE Great Britain.

  15. Anne -
    You have such a sick obsession with whether people are pre/post/or non op. And you assume because people (LIKE MYSELF) who do not publicly shout to the world that they've had surgery, that they have NOT had surgery. You have no idea about my "operative" status and you never will. It's none of your fucking business. If you want to show the world your finely crafted vajayjay, then by all means, post a photo of yourself with your legs spread wide for all the world to see the PROOF.

    You can talk about surgical status all you want. Mine is none of your business. And yet you label me a transgenderist too. I am not. So piss off if you think otherwise. And keep wondering what's between my legs. You're really sick if you do.

  16. Like i said Lor...I could not give a rats ass what you are packin'.


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