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Monday, July 25, 2011

A question of direction

    We believe that our community has become not as happy a place as it could be.

    Some of the writers whose blogs we feature have been getting too personal in their animosity towards each other and in turn some of those writers have taken issue at a rather insulting level with us because their foes are also featured by us.

    We do not take sides and we act in no official capacity, we are a group of unpaid blogging enthusiasts who maintain what is simply an aggregator of blog feeds from all corners of our sphere. We do not write the content in the T-Central feed save for that from our own blogs, and except where we feature a piece in an article of our own we do not endorse any particular viewpoint.

    We thus are not amused that the schoolyard tiffs of those around us have spilled into our inboxes. We have our own battles to fight in our paths through this mess, and this is not helping.

    So what is to be done?

    T-Central is our show, collectively we run it. All four of us equally, we are not a hierarchy. And though we have our differences and argue on all sorts of issues, we are in agreement on one thing: we do not appreciate it when one of our number is singled out for personal attack.

    Since this site is ours with which to do as we wish, we could simply get busy with the big shiny red button and delete the feed of any writer who incurs our displeasure. But that doesn't feel right. We've removed people from our listings before, and learned that to be a rocky road indeed as we descend into a nightmarish spiral of if-you-banned-her-why-don't-you-ban-her accusation and spite.

    We also feel uncomfortable at removing writers from our list because even those who have given us the most grief have shown themselves capable of writing the kind of top-quality content we wish we saw more often.

    So we've agreed upon an alternative. We're going to ask our readers to decide our editorial direction through a poll.

    We're going to give you two choices.

    The first is the red button, vote for that one to give us carte blanche to remove anyone we see fit from the listing.

    The second is our preferred option, to establish a separate section for troublesome writers way down at the bottom of the page below all the other blogs. A sin bin, if you will. If a writer violates our inclusion criteria they will find themselves in that section. If they continue to do so they will find themselves removed entirely from our listings, however if it proves to be a temporary infraction they will find themselves back in the main listings.

    If you are a regular reader of this site, please take a moment to vote. We appreciate your input and we will abide by the choice of our readers. Please vote only once, the software we are using detects multiple votes from the same IP address and invalidates them.

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