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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

FTM Detransitioner : The Subcultural Pressure On Young Women To Medically “Transition”

In Lori's latest post, On Your Mark, Get Set...TRANSITION!, she asks the question:

Should those considering transition go full speed ahead?  Or should they put it off for as long as possible until they feel the dysphoria is so overwhelming that they have no other option but to transition?  Should some people be discouraged from transitioning?

There have been several excellent comments filed, and you might want to take a look if you haven't already seen them.

I have often wondered if those, who transitioned at a very young age, did so with a combination of reckless abandon and the naivity of youth.  GallusMag, in a post written a few days ago on GenderTrender, takes a look at this question as it applies to the female-to-male transitioner.  Included are a couple of YouTube videos, which clearly show the irreversible effects of testosterone on the female de-transitioner.  


  1. Good find! I sense a new blog post in the works.

    I've never followed this blog, and I haven't read any more than this one post. But I was taken aback by the headline -- "detransitioning" -- when the person in the video specifically said that they did not detransition. And I was even more taken aback by the blogger's use of female pronouns, when in the first video the person specifically asked not to be described with female pronouns! That's some serious misgendering. I'll leave aside the confusion (at least it seems that way to me) of claiming to be a trans guy and a lesbian. When there's a specific request, bloggers in this area usually honour it.

    There's a very quick bit that caught my ear in the second video. They said that their voice was different when speaking in French. I've found that as well. My female voice is pretty much effortless in English, but I find that French is much more difficult. I need to practise bilingually!

  2. I'd like to second what Ariel said. There is an obvious lack of respect in this blog post. What's worst is that the blogger is using their "blog policy" as an excuse for this lack of respect and removes every comments that doesn't follow their point of view.

    I've been following T-Central for a while now. The posts/blogs I have discovered here have all been of quality and respectful of other's opinions, even if some did trigger intense arguments. I really don't see how this post made it up on here, as it clashes so much with what you usually share.

  3. @Kim - I took a close look at this blogger's posts and various other posts, prior to deciding to feature this one and I must confess that I felt that there might be comments like yours. Actually, I hoped there would be comments such as yours.

    This blogger would appear to be a radical feminist and someone who has a distorted view of transsexuality, especially as it applies to the MtF (although this post pertained to an FtM).

    With all of the infighting that I have seen within the TS/TG blogging world, I thought that, if even for a very brief moment in time, seeing a post from someone like this who is, arguably, outside of our community, might just bring us together.

    Very naive of me, I know....but I can hope.

  4. I find it sadly typical that rather than address the central tenant of this post, that there exists a sub-cultural peer pressure to "medically" transition, the focus of the comments "de-rails" onto the "un-PC" use of pronouns.

    NO WONDER there is such an abject LACK of constructive commnication.

  5. @Anne

    So what is your comment on the alleged peer pressure to transition medically? You didn't say!

    I didn't comment on that because I have no experience of it, especially not on the FTM side of things.

  6. I agree with the gist of the post, at least to the extent of my limited understanding of it, which is that there does exist a curtural bias of "permissiveness" which encourages a "do your own thing" mentality which, (AS NOTED on the VLOGS), can lead to serious and unintended consequences.


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