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Saturday, August 9, 2014

From Compulsion to Choice
I read a very interesting post this morning from the blog, Third Way Trans.  The post is written by someone who transitioned from male to female at age 19, and detransitioned at age 39.

The post is centered around the book, Search Inside Yourself.  While not necessarily about gender dysphoria, the author of the book suggests ideas and methods that a trans reader could relate to in dealing with gender dysphoria. 

Our blog author, blending ideas from the book's author, would appear to suggest that many with an unbearable desire to transition can, while embracing their gender of choice, continue to live a normal and happy life in the body they were born in.  I want to stress, that this is my interpretation of our blog author's conclusion.  

For more information on this blogger, go here.  The post is titled From Compulsion to Choice.

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