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Friday, August 15, 2014

This is what dysphoria feels like


CN Lester is a British classical and alternative singer-songwriter, as well as an LGBTI and transgender rights activist and a blogger.  From Wikipedia:

Lester is out as genderqueer, and has been hailed as a role model for combining their identity and their public career.  They have spoken about having difficulties finding work because of their gender identity and expression:

Classical music, now, is very conservative. I can't get chorus work because I wouldn't be willing to wear female clothes or be a member of a women's chorus. ... They didn't see that they were in the wrong – they thought I was wrong for daring to apply. So it was very much "We don't want people like that associated with us" and they were happy to put it down in writing.

In order to preserve their singing voice, Lester has not used testosterone treatments, although they have since spoken about their own research showing losing a singing voice is not always a result of such therapy.

The featured post, This is what dysphoria feels like, is written from the FtM perspective.

Thanks to our Halle, a T-Central Administrator, for suggestiong this post be featured.

For more information on CN Lester, go here.

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