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Sunday, August 3, 2014

Andrea's Ups and Downs
I want to introduce you to a new blog recently listed on T-Central.  

Andrea (I love her name!) is a UK girl, just beginning her transition.  Although she just began her blog in June, she writes well; as if she's been blogging for years.  Her thoughts are the kind personal thoughts that got me into blogging....the kind of thoughts I love to read and the kind of thoughts I like to share in my own blog (which I've ignored for far too long).

There are three posts you should take a look at:

Introduction to me is Andrea's first post and her story.  She's a late transitioner, as are many.

Admires....Are They Worth the Hassle?  This is a topic common to anyone who has an on-line transgender identity.

And last, but not lease, is Andrea's most recent post, Cloud 9 to Teary-Eyes in 20 Minutes.  The blog is titled, Andrea's Ups and Downs and she shares both with you.  One of the Up's was picking up a pair of ankle boots on sale!  For you readers in the States, that's a $44 boot for $10!

Check out Andrea's new blog, and leave her a comment to let her know you saw it.


  1. Thanks for saying such nice things about my little blog, Calie!

    As I am stuck in guy-mode at the moment (at least on the outside), you have inspired me to make another post, about the various types of ups and downs I am experiencing as TS M2F. Having such a geographically wide-spread selection of blog viewers also makes me wonder how different peoples' experiences of being CD / TS vary across different countries and cultures - hopefully reading some of the interesting blogs on this page I will find out.

    Best wishes all.


  2. My pleasure, Andrea. This post had a huge amount of page views!


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