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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

A moral issue: should I kill off my most popular post?

Lucy Melford is a wonderful blogger....a real asset to the trans community.  Prior to the completion of her transition (ask Lucy and she will tell you that a transition is never completed), Lucy was a prolific blogger.   Most trans bloggers may do a post or two or three following their final surgery and then just disappear.  Not Lucy.  She's been post-op for several years now and just keeps writing and we just keep reading.  She writes about topics ranging from taking her caravan (that's a travel trailer, for you North American readers) around the UK (and posting wonderful pictures from her travels) to trans issues.

As a result, Lucy has a fairly popular blog, as T-Blogs go.  Recently, she took a look at her ten most popular posts.  
Number 10 had 900 page views.  
Number 2 had 3,300 page views.

Number 1 had 52,000 page views.


That's right, 52,000 page views.  

So, what's so special about that particular post?  
Well, it didn't involve caravaning across the UK.

It involved transphobic comments made on an internet forum about the deep voice of a female British broadcasting reporter.....theorizing that she might just be a "trannie".
Lucy wrote that post three years ago and is now questioning if she should pull down the post because it just might proliferate the rumor that this woman reporter might not have been born female (and there is absolutely no evidence that this is the case).  On the other hand, the post goes to great lengths to credit the reporter and squelch the transphobia.
What do you think?  Go here to read Lucy's blog post.

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