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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Calogrenant Book the First: Oh! What a Knight!

Gillian has been blogging since 2008.  A big change in her Mythcongeniality blog came in July, 2012 when she announced that Mythcongeniality will host a webcomic called "Calogrenant".  It's the story of one of King Arthur's knights who...  well, rather than spoil it here, you need to go back to the beginning.

Gillian is now working on a special project, Calogrenant, the book.  It's going to tell the story of King Author's knight and will be filled with Gillian's beautiful illustrations.

Gillian needs some support in getting the book published.  She tells you, in a video, all about her labor of love .....Calogrenant Book the First: Oh! What a Knight!  Take a look as Gillian describes her project.

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