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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

The Word Is Transgender… Not Trans-Jenner

Now, if the title of this post doesn't peek your interest, nothing will!

In his interview (yes, we'll use the male pronoun), on ABC's 20-20, last Friday, Bruce Jenner made the statement, "I am a woman".

Our featured post really has little to do with Bruce Jenner, but a lot to do with Dawn, in that she questions Bruce's statement, "I am a woman", asking herself the question:

"Am I a woman"

It's a thoughtful kind of post I just love to feature on T-Central....well written (as it should be, since she's a professional writer), and from the heart.

Please take a few minutes to read, The Word is Transgender......Not Trans-Jenner, from Dawn's blog, Live After Dawn.

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