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Thursday, April 2, 2015

Interview With a Wife

Q. What’s the worse thing about living with a cross dresser?

A. Mess in the bathroom….makeup everywhere

Oh my, I absolutely loved this post from Bobbysox!  In the post, Bobbysox interviews Mrs. Sox.  Funny and well worth reading.  It's nice to see a couple actually laughing at themselves.  The post is Interview with a wife.

So just who is Bobbiesox?

"I’ve had a few years being totally in the closet with my dressing, it was difficult getting my dress on in there so I eventually got out and ended up in the bedroom for a while and also found out how liberating it was to walk on a carpet in heels."

Read more here.  There's also a picture and this girl is looking good!

In the featured post, Bobbysox mentiones that there are few blogs written by the wives of crossdressers (or transitioners).  There are a few blogs listed on T-Central and T-Central has featured some guest posts from wives of those who are trans, including one from Helen Boyd (My Husband Betty author).

Helen Boyd

The Wife

Joyful Girl


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