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Monday, April 6, 2015

Finding One's True Self

Our friend Lucy Melford is a prolific writer and a good one too. I have no idea if it is so,  ~ perhaps the ladies in the statistical department here at T-Central might take that on as a project ~  but there is a good chance that her blog has been featured more often than any other. 

Her post today, Finding one's true self uses humour to draw us into some very serious considerations on the topic of transition and finding one's true nature. 

She writes: 

"... living honestly demands that you do what is needed, and it can't become a deal struck between the one who needs to change and those opposed to that change, who want to see a reward for the 'permission-to-proceed' that they granted."

If you have not visited her site before, you should look around, but do read this post first.


  1. Humour? But it's well known that my sense of humour is almost nonexistent!

    I do keep a record, Halle. Eight posts of mine have been featured so far. This might indeed be more than anyone else, but of course there is no competition going on, and no prizes for being so handy with words. I like to think that absolutely anyone who writes a post worth drawing attention to will be detected on your radar and get featured, maybe even on their very first attempt!

    There's a danger with too much featuring though. The bar gets raised higher every time. One day one will surely publish one post too many, or tackle some issue that is really just too sensitive or too contentious, and 'jump the shark'!


    1. Just had a memo from the gals in the back office asking me to thank you for your help! Danger for you perhaps Lucy, but a delight for us.


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