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Sunday, April 19, 2015

The Problem With Arousal

I have experienced arousal when crossdressing since the onset of puberty but my impetus was not the arousal itself but rather the desire to express my femininity; the erotic overtones seemed to adhere themselves to that experience and bring the joy of it tumbling down bringing with it guilt and shame. With increasing age, the arousal appears with less frequency but the feminine feelings only intensify. This is why I have established a part time life as a woman as a response to curb any pressure I may feel to transition.

The above is an excerpt from Joanna Santos' excellent guest post on Jack Molay's terrific blog, Crossdreamers.  Joanna, one of my favorite bloggers, has her own blog, Musings from my everyday life....

In this post, Joanna muses on the question of arousal, as sent forth by Ray Blanchard and others, and adds her own opinions to this often debated theory in the trans world.  Blanchard and others have studied transgender individuals and have put their findings in print.  It has always been my feeling, however, that only someone who is trans can truly understand someone who is trans.  Joanna writes with some authority as only someone who has been there, done that, can.

Please find some time to read Joanna's guest post, The Problems With Arousal.

Thanks to Jack for publishing this guest post.

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