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Friday, January 22, 2016

Epic. Iconic. Mine.

If there were a Maslow’s Hierarchy of feminine presentation, battling for the peak of the pyramid would be a handful of epic designs, pieces so desirable, timeless and celebratory of womanhood that generations of women lust for them. Me too.
Only Petra could have written that line, above.
Do you remember Petra?  
Well, this featured post, from Petra, is nearly a month late because I just found it.  Way down at the bottom of the T-Central home page is a group of long neglected blogs.  Every month or so, I check that list of blogs for broken links, blogs that have gone private, etc., and clean up the list.  Imagine my surprise when I found that the lovely and fashionable Petra had returned from a long hiatus.....over two years since her last post.
If you're into fashion - and a well written blog post - you'll enjoy, Epic.  Iconic.  Mine., from Petra.

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