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Thursday, January 7, 2016

Orchiectomy II

The mutilation is appalling. Removal of gonads is a monstrous thing to do to almost everyone- apart from the few of us for whom it is simply right.

I have followed Clare Flourish's writings for some time now.  Her style is complex......very unique and always makes her readers think about what she's writing.  The reader clearly feels her emotion, her frustration, and her joy.

Orchiectomy II, is Clare's second post on the subject (referring to the surgical removal of the testicles).  She has a lot to say and it' not just about the title of the most.  There's much more in this, buried between the lines.  Checking out the links in her post will better clarify the focus.

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  1. Orchiectomy is a word much less seen in transsexual blogs than it once was. People spend an age taking expensive testosterone blockers with possible side effects and still have the humiliating presence between their legs. Though I was eventually able to obtain GRS my orchiectomy transformed life more than I can possibly express. Sadly this fairly simple procedure is not always easy to obtain, in the UK you could easily give up when faced with an obstinate system and miss out on a transformed life... For me this was a life saver...


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