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Friday, January 29, 2016

Groups and Organizations

So….. to join you click on the website link which routes you back to Yahoo groups where you have to send a request to join. The request to join asks that you give a reason in 200 characters why you want to join the group. No problem except it turns out 200 characters is hardly anything at all and to be honest what other details could they possibly need other than the fact I am the wife of a TG husband?? Anyway filled in as much as 200 characters would allow and sent the request.

In this post, the soulmate of a transitioning M-to-F discusses the various support and email groups she has been a part of over the years and some of the frustrations she has experienced.  Groups and Organizations, while written as a post specifically referring to her experiences in the UK, really applies to the experiences and frustrations of transgender folks anywhere.

As an aside, I remember, years ago, when I tried to join the Angels, only to be denied because I didn't live in the UK.  It seemed at the time that the only alternative in the States was Tri-Ess and I had plenty of issues with that organization.  It was nine years ago when I discovered a new group in Northern California, the Gems.  They're open to all flavors of TG.  Spouses are welcome.  Just a wonderful organization and you don't have to live in the area to be a member of their fabulous email group.

I'd like to add a section on the T-Central home page for local organizations.  If you are a member of one and truly believe in them, please send me the link to their website.

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