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Thursday, January 28, 2016

ObserVation: Her Stash and Me

Here some of my heel boxes stacked to be stashed. So I took the first storage box and systematically started to rummage. I sorted under-wear and shape-wear from the over-wear. Colours together if I could and packed it all under pressure again back into the boxes but with method(the creases ugh!).
With the heels I checked each box for content and noted the relocation co-ordinates. I didn’t mark them in any way with content just in case they got exposed to Mrs.A eagle eye. Even just numbering them was not on. I think I am a little paranoid with this.

As with any self-respecting and somewhat closeted crossdresser, Abi has a growing stash.  In this long, yet light and humorous post, Abi discusses, in much detail, the organization of her stash and also alludes to the perils of a closeted crossdresser.....such as trying out new shoes on the 45 meter hallway at work, after hours.

ObersVation: Her Stash and Me, is from Abigale's Airings.

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