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Wednesday, July 19, 2017

But I am only myself

This is her life 'beyond the curtain'. Before she transitioned, she was advised during therapy that she'd need to take drastic measures to leave the Old Life behind, so that she could embrace the New. She gradually did that over the years, but keeping her wife and family. I admire that huge achievement. She let nobody down. But it hasn't left her free. And the successful burying of the past means that nothing of her difficult journey can be openly celebrated. Nobody in the present life knows about it, except close family. Psychologically this is not good.

It's Retro-Week, on T-Central.  This post,about life after transition, is from Lucy's long running blog and dates back to July of 2014.  

If you ever want to travel in the UK, do browse through Lucy's blog.  She travels a lot around the country and shares some beautiful pictures and stories with her readers.

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  1. Thanks, Calie! I'm best known now for these highly individual travel-pieces and not for any gender insights, but hey.



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