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Monday, July 10, 2017

Not accepting the blame and the shame

If a person (who is unconsciously struggling with a fake role) messes up, is the dire result all their fault?

And if they had somehow known themselves more truly, and would have behaved differently and done the right thing instead, then are they in any way culpable?

Culpable?  Is/was Lucy a lawyer?

Lucy has one of the oldest, currently running blogs on T-Central.  I had to read this post twice because it certainly rang some bells deep within me.

For those of you who haven't read Lucy's blog, she is a lovely person who loves to travel and takes wonderful photos.  She also transitioned years ago.  Regarding the latter, read the quote above again it it might just make more sense.  The post is, Not accepting the blame and the shame.

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  1. Never a lawyer! But I was once involved in legal stuff to do with tax evasion, and words like 'culpable' were on my lips daily.

    The post poses a question that has no satisfactory answer. It may be possible to rationalise why one made mistakes and did wrong things, but they were still done, and the consequences have to be lived with, even if blame and shame can be successfully argued away.



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