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Friday, June 7, 2019

Defense mechanisms...

On the subject of flying pretty, airport security is pretty much aware of the existence of transgendered people these days and had no problems at all with me. I do carry a self made "identity challenge" set of photographs in where I hold my passport using my both appearances, and if that doesn't work, there sits a time-lapse on my phone showing how I go from one appearance to the other. I both didn't need them, and hotel reception was also totally cool with it. My only worry was about the body scanners at Schiphol, but that also checked out just fine. Iceland being a Shengen destination also helps I guess.

I don't believe I (or any of the current or former TC Admins) have ever featured a post from Mireille, who's been blogging for 10 years.  Mireille's current post, Reacquainting people at the RIPE meeting, talks about traveling en femme while attending an internet service providers convention in Iceland.  In this post, she writes about the journey and the like-minded friends she met while there.

While browsing her blog, I found a nice post titled, Defense mechanisms..., written almost 10 years ago, where she writes about coming out to her brother.  Her posts are easy reading and include lots of photos.

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