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Monday, June 10, 2019

How to be an Ally to Trans People

The other day the Every Lovely Mrs J sent me a link around How to be an Ally to Trans People (link here if you're curious), bless her. We had a bit of a chat - and a few laughs about the training we'd had over the years - some good, some great, some that *ahem* might need a spot of improvement.

Since many significant others, associated with those who are trans, read T-Central, I thought I'd note Lynn's recent post, which links to an article on the Vice TV Network website (great channel, btw, for those of you who can receive it).  The article is titled 100 Easy Ways to Make the World Better for Trans People and includes, among a lot of other subjects, some discussion on the politically incorrect questions that those who are trans sometimes get asked.

In addition to this link, and just for fun, Lynn wrote up her own list of politically incorrect questions, if turned around, asked by trans folks and directed to those who are cis.  Here's an example:

Are they real? [points to top] I mean, they look pretty real. Can I touch one?

It's all in Lynn's post, Just for Fun.

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