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Monday, May 4, 2020

The Fame Thing

I thought recently how far we, the gender collective if you will, would go just to experience some time in our chosen gender. Whether it was going over to Bristol for a few hours or travelling to London, the other side of the country, just for a few hours out and driving home and getting back at silly hours in the morning. I’ve said it before that it was exciting and so different to anything you could experience socially with a double-life slammed on top that only you and those in your crowd knew about and they like-wise would know very little, if anything, about your life outside of these times – but it wasn’t real.

It's not unusual for me to feature a post from Hannah a week after she published it.  I think the reason why is because I'll always wait for the perfect quiet time to savor her writing, every last word of it.  It's so smooth, like a lovely, aged California Cab (and I've been known to read her posts while sipping on said Cab).

This post is a good example of one to savor. Hannah's been under lock down, like all of us, and she's got some time to enjoy her own thoughts of the past. 

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