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Friday, August 7, 2015

Gender as a Psychological Construct

Let’s get this correct first; there is not one of us born or alive who is “all man” or “all woman”.  That is actually a biological impossibility.  Females have a certain amount of testosterone in their bodies, as men have a certain amount of oestrogen in theirs (and some more than others, dears) – get used to it.

Gender as a Psychological Construct is an amusing offering from Xandra on the subject of the difference between the sexes with a little dose of gender thrown in. Well worth reading and a blog to add to your reading list.

Who is Xandra?  Go to her "about" page to learn more, but here's an excerpt:

I have a wonderful, if a bit dark and twisted, sense of humour but if crossed can be the biggest bitch it has ever been your misfortune to encounter.  But don’t let that scare you dears, I’m a sweetie really.

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