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Tuesday, August 18, 2015

The Twilight zone – Stockings

At home I’m always in shorts and bare feet, summer and winter. Before the stockings became necessary no problem. Now it’s different, I still try to keep to shorts and be compliant with wearing the stockings but then I get remarks from Mrs.A. She can’t get used to seeing me ‘exposed’ in them, especially the black ones. The picture is not a good one but one gets the idea. If I would walk around the house as in the picture above, I would get more than just a weird look.

Abi has written a five part, l-o-n-g but entertaining, series about stockings.  You see, Abigale HAD to buy stockings.  Her doctor wrote a prescription!  

I handed her the note. 
She studied it, a little longer than I thought necessary. 
She looked up with a mixture of surprise and slight disbelief. 
“Yes.” Pause. 
“But that’s a … well a … woman’s stocking!” 
“If you say so.. and?” 

The first post in the series starts out with this line:

I wanted to give a short update on my activities.

Um.....Abi, dear....and your definition of short is.....?

I'm just playing with Abigale.  Get yourself a cup of tea or coffee and start with The Twilight Zone - Stockings 1, and enjoy Abi's humor and experiences.

1 comment:

  1. Thank you Calie for the intro. At the beginning I thought it would be short I really did! I never anticipated that I would end up writing …
    How many words was it?
    [Ed: wait a moment I’ll check: One, Two, Three …
    … Eleven Thousand Six Hundred And Sixty Eight. Including titles]
    [Ed: that’s an editor’s job and making tea of course]
    11.668 words! Really that many?
    [Ed: Yes, don’t you believe me? Shall I count them again?]
    No, no! Perfectly ok! Just seems a lot.
    [Ed: It took long enough. I had my work cut out for me as well as finding all those pictures and caption cards.]
    Yes, it was a long haul.

    Oh by the way, I’m a little further on the heavy duty garter front. I mentioned in part III, the Rago shapewear link. Well I found the garter belt in Amazon UK (not in Germany unfortunately) it seems that two people bought it for surgical stockings (one a man) and so it seems to be stronger than I thought. Decided to have a go. Placed it in my basket only to find out no posting to Germany! I then saw the source was the US, must be the reason, what a bind! I will still buy and have it sent to a confederate in the UK and then on to me here. Talk about round the houses!
    It will be interesting to see how Mrs.A will react, will keep you posted.


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