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Friday, August 14, 2015

Repetition and Sparkle!

Sparkle has been around for years and is the premier dress-up event for the transgender community in the United Kingdom.  

I've heard so much about this event from friends over the years.  I recall one good friend who described her first Sparkle in a blog post.  She eventually transitioned, but Sparkle was the place where she first met others who were like-minded and helped her through her journey.

I'm in California and I'll note that there is a similar event out here, sponsored by the River City Gems.  It's also called Sparkle, and it has also been an annual event for several years.  One of the founders of the California Sparkle moved to California, from England, where she had participated in the original Sparkle many times.

With all of that said, I enjoyed reading Kay's report of the fun she had at the recent Sparkle event in the UK.  You can read it too, by going to Kay's post, Repetition and Sparkle!.

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