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Sunday, March 13, 2016

A New Bra

The lady assistant offered to size me up. The last occasion I'd asked for this was in August 2009. It was high time for another proper fitting. Into the cubicle we went. She told me (and it wasn't done disdainfully) that the 40A Triumph bra I had on just wasn't giving me enough support. I was sagging. I'd let the straps out as far as they would go, to keep things comfortable - sort of - but this was apparently a big mistake!

It's just a typical day for a typical woman.  She hadn't been fitted for a bra in several years and, oh my gosh, things had changed!  A new bra was the result!

The T-Central admins have a fond spot in our hearts for Lucy who, although she transitioned several years ago, continues to blog about life, not as a transwoman but as the woman she is.  All too often, bloggers transition, go on with their lives, and abandon their blogs.  Not Lucy!  


  1. I'm really glad that T-Central still likes to feature the odd post from myself! You are right: ordinary life takes over, and most give up blogging. But a few of us carry on, wanting, I think, to show that the greatest prize of all is absorption into meanstream life again, but on one's own terms. And to find intense pleasure in trying one's hand on things that were not practically possible to pursue, or even forbidden, in the Old Life.


  2. Its always an honor to feature your posts, Lucy. Thanks!


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