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Monday, March 21, 2016

Under the surface

.......I'm bloody terrified to go outside "en femme".

In this post, Sel has just been at a regular meeting of her local TG group.  Before leaving, Sel goes back to boy-mode.  She's terrified to go outside as Selina.  But why would she, since she had done so many times in the past?  You're going to have to read, Under the surface, to get the answer. 

If you're reading this, and you are a member of a formal or informal group of trans folks, tell us about it.  T-Central is looking for guest posts, giving you a chance to tell everyone about your local group.  What activties does the group do?  What do you talk about?  Are CD's and TS's in the group?  Whatever...  Even if it's just a small group of friends getting together, we want you to consider writing a guest post for T-Central.  Contact me, Jenny or Halle if you would like to do one.

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